The Tools You Will Need To Build A Teardrop Trailer

I’m going to go over a few of the tools you will need to build a teardrop trailer. There are a few basic tools you absolutely must have and then the rest are nice if you have them but not critical. I’ll also give you my favorite brands. By no means am I claiming that you have to go buy the exact tool I recommend, I will just tell you which ones I prefer. I am also assuming you already have a basic tool bag with a hammer, tape measure, knife, etc. So I won’t be going over the basic hand tools that are very common. Maybe I’ll list them at the end just in case.

The Tools You Will Need To Build A Teardrop Trailer

Tools I cover in the post

Here is a quick list of all the tools I’ll be covering if you don’t have time to scroll this very entertaining article.

Let’s start out with a circular saw. If you have this one saw you can make every cut needed. Would it be nice to have a Jigsaw, Sawzall, Table saw, or Chop saw? Absolutely, but they aren’t deal breakers.

You also don’t need to buy a worm drive, those things weigh a ton and you don’t need that much power for this teardrop project.

Makita Skill Saw

My skill saw of choice is the Makita, and not the fancy shmancy one. The basic 7 ¼ skill saw is the best. I’ve worked in construction for a long time and have used many skill saws and the Makita to me is the best. The blade has no wobble and you can cut straight as an arrow. It’s also compact so it feels great, compared to a Dewalt which feels bulky and clunky after using a Makita.

Makita Drill

Next up we have a drill set. Right now there is a transition going on from brush electric motors to brushless. The two drills that are tied for me are the Makita set and the Dewalt set. This is going to come down to preference for you. The new brushless sets are 20v and extremely powerful. They supposedly last forever without wearing out. We will just have to wait and see. I went with the 18v Makita with the brush. I’ve replaced the brushes before and it’s extremely easy. I also was not too sure about the brushless system yet. I’m sure it will be fine but I just wanted to go with what I knew. Since the brushless drills were new this year I was able to get a good deal on the older 18v model.

Clamps and Fasteners. Make sure you have a ton of clamps. They are useful in so many different situations as you build the teardrop. You can not have too many. The squeeze clamps work great and are quick and easy to use. Make sure you have a few of each different kind.

That’s about it for the tools you actually need. Building a teardrop is really basic and doesn’t require overkill. I’m going to go over a few tools that although aren’t needed they would be really nice to have around.

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Other Tools

Jigsaw. You would probably only need this a few times. Instead of hacking out a piece of plywood with a Skill saw or trying to cut a curve it would be great to use a Jigsaw.

Sawzall. Any project needs a good sawzall. I can guarantee at some point in your teardrop build you will wish you had a sawzall.

Router. So many useful reasons to have a router. I debated on putting a router on the must have list. It’s a toss up on whether you actually need one or not. But this should be the first tool you grab that isn’t on the necessary list. In fact I bet you could talk yourself into needing this right now!

A Multi Tool. The battery powered one by Makita works great and is a no brainer if you pick up the drill set. I can’t tell you how much I use this thing. It’s useful in so many different ways. This is my favorite all around tool to use. It’s basically a high powered surgical saw and it can be used on everything. Cutting sheetrock, vinyl siding, wood, metal, this tool is amazing.

They aren’t really needed but if you want to spend money you can pick up a miter saw, table saw, grinder, sander, battery power skill saw. Just tell your wife you really need them to complete the teardrop!

Hand Tools You Should Have


Tape Measure

Flat Bar

Caulk Gun

Channel Locks

Chalk Line

Swanson Square

Framing Square



Paint Supplies



Let me know what tool you couldn’t do without.

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