How to build a hatch door for a teardrop trailer

Thoughts on How to Build a Teardrop Trailer Hatch Door

Hatch doors are a defining feature on a teardrop trailer. I’m building more of a mini camper than a standard teardrop but I still am going to have a nice big hatch door. There are a couple different ways to build a hatch and make it watertight, I’ll cover each one. I love the idea […]

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Poor Mans Fiberglass

3 Steps to Making Poor Mans Fiberglass, Does it Really Work?

Poor mans fiberglass. What is it exactly? If your on the forums at all you will see it’s acronym all the time, PMF. The nice thing about PMF is it’s paintable, extremely durable, and cheap. If you are looking for a coating option that’s going to save you money this is one popular way to […]

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Building the Roof on a Teardrop Trailer, One Thing You Can’t Forget

After looking through hundreds of designs for teardrops and mini trailers. I think I have finally found a design I like. My wife says if we have a trailer she needs to stand up in it which means it won’t be a traditional teardrop shape. Today I sketched out a cool little box trailer design […]

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How to build the walls on a teardrop trailer

How to Build the Walls on a Teardrop Trailer, 3 Popular Options

Today I discovered a ton of teardrop accounts on Instagram. Seeing all those amazing teardrops gave me even more motivation to get this thing started. If you want to see some awesome teardrops go search #teardroptrailers and #teardropcampers on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed. You can also follow us too, just follow the social links […]

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installing the floor on a teardrop trailer

Installing the Floor on a Teardrop Trailer, 3 Easy Steps

So far we have covered what trailer we are going to use and also that we will use a simple electrical setup for our teardrop build. If you are interested you can find the trailer post here and the electric post here. Next up we have to figure out how we are going to build […]

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