Teardrop Trailer Designs

5 Popular Teardrop Trailer Designs

Teardrop trailer designs became extremely popular once world war 2 ended. Families wanted to travel and take vacations but wanted small lightweight travel trailers. There was such a surplus of supplies around that it was relatively easy to make a teardrop out of war supplies. Small Jeep trailers and parts were often used along with aircraft […]

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The Best Camping Lanterns Reviews

The Best Camping Lanterns, Which Lantern is Best for a Teardrop Trailer?

You’ve been there before on a crisp fall night at your favorite campground. The sun has just gone down and the pink and orange colors of the sunset are fading to dark blue. Maybe you just finished up a nice dinner cooked over some glowing coals or are enjoying the sunset siting outside of your […]

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diy teardrop trailer cost

DIY Teardrop Trailer Cost, What is the Average Price?

This is one of the most popular questions people have about building a teardrop is what will it cost me. What does a DIY teardrop trailer cost? That’s kind of like asking just how wet is water? In this post we are going to try and hash out an average build price. If you are […]

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Teardrop Trailer Camping

Teardrop Trailer Floor Plan

Now that I have everything mostly thought through I need to work out the floor plan. I have two small kids so I need to consider a place for them to sleep. I’ve found a few cool Ideas surfing around the internet. Once the kids get a few years older we can put them in […]

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The tools you need to build a tear drop trailer

The Tools You Will Need To Build A Teardrop Trailer

I’m going to go over a few of the tools you will need to build a teardrop trailer. There are a few basic tools you absolutely must have and then the rest are nice if you have them but not critical. I’ll also give you my favorite brands. By no means am I claiming that […]

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