Teardrop Trailer Build - Page 2 of 4 - Planning and building a teardrop/ mini trailer

7 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Teardrop Trailer

You have caught the bug! You NEED to have a cool little teardrop trailer. Maybe you want to camp a few times a year and want a step up from a tent. You could go all in and take your teardrop on a long road trip traveling cross country. One thing is for sure, you […]

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the best camping stove for teardrop trailer camping

Is this the best camping stove? It Sure is Our Favorite

Let’s look at my personal favorite and what I think is the best camping stove for teardrop trailer camping. Is this the best camping stove you can buy? Maybe not, but let’s look and see why it is such a favorite of many teardrop trailer campers. When you are in your teardrop trailer the boondocks […]

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Teardrop Trailer Kits

Teardrop Trailer Kits, Is It Better to Build From a Plan Or a Kit?

You are itching to build a teardrop and get out there to your favorite camping location to hang out around the fire drinking coffee next to your freshly built teardrop trailer. I know the feeling. One great option for those who want to build a teardrop but aren’t super handy and resourceful is to buy a […]

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Teardrop Trailer Designs

5 Popular Teardrop Trailer Designs

The Classic Teardrop Trailer Design Reverse Teardrop Design Wyoming Woody Teardrop Design Benroy Trailer Design Square Drop Trailer Design The square drop trailer in my opinion is the ugliest of the teardrop trailer designs. Exactly as the name implies the squaredrop is just a plain old square. All the curves and aesthetics are gone and […]

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The Best Camping Lanterns Reviews

The Best Camping Lanterns, Which Lantern is Best for a Teardrop Trailer?

You’ve been there before on a crisp fall night at your favorite campground. The sun has just gone down and the pink and orange colors of the sunset are fading to dark blue. Maybe you just finished up a nice dinner cooked over some glowing coals or are enjoying the sunset siting outside of your […]

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