Last Minute Teardrop Trailer Camping Checklist

We all know that feeling. You are about to go camping and are ready to pull out of the driveway and head off to a relaxing getaway but you can’t shake the feeling that you are forgetting something. This happens to all of us even after years of camping and trips. The best way to combat this and give yourself some peace of mind is to have check lists. Checklists are a life saver and we highly recommend using them. We have come up with a quick last minute teardrop trailer camping checklist for you with all the basics on it. Just something to go over as you leave.

Last Minute Teardrop Trailer Camping Checklist


These are a few things that could be easy to forget. It’s possible to take out something from the camping supplies and use it in normal life and forget to put it back. Ive used tools and tarps from my stash of camping supplies and only realized when I got to the site that my hammer was not in my normal camping tools. Using a rock or the back of a camping shovel is not quite as efficient. This next list is geared more for the teardrop. You have to cary a tiny bit of extra supplies when camping in a teardrop trailer.

Teardrop Trailer Camping Checklist

Think of every worse case scenario you can have and prepare the best you can. Flat tires, broken things on the teardrop, Etc. Its better to be prepared than to be sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow. Also feel free to adjust this list depending on what time of year you like to take your teardrop out. If its fall or winter pack the extra blankets. If its Summer maybe do a check on the air etc.

Let us know in the comments what we forgot or what you like to make sure you have on your camping checklist.

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