Building a Cheap Teardrop Camper- Step One - Teardrop Trailer Build

Building a Cheap Teardrop Camper- Step One

It’s time! I’m finally building a cheap teardrop camper. I’ve had this trailer base sitting behind my garage for a couple years now. Time to put it to good use. I’m going to build the cheapest possible teardrop I can.


When I bought this trailer I didn’t realize all the hoops I would have to jump through to have it registered in NJ. Since buying the trailer, I have found it is basically impossible to register it.

So it will be my test trailer. I’m going to see how my teardrop build goes and work out all the mistakes on this one before I build my real masterpiece. The kids can camp in the backyard and have fun with it.

Step one Building a Cheap Teardrop Camper

Because this will be a test camper I want to do it as cheap as possible. I’m going to keep it under 500 dollars ( trailer included ). So that means I have about $350 to play with since the trailer cost $150.

I will admit that I have access to a lot of scrap lumber. In the winter I do part time construction where we tear out kitchens and remodeling. I’ll grab a lot of the scraps and lumber that is still good that we are throwing away and repurpose it.

Building a cheap teardrop camper

That helps me keep the cost down. The only thing I’ll have to buy is the plywood and PMF materials.

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How to Build a Teardrop Trailer Cheap

Here are a few of the ways I’m going to keep the cost down. I already mentioned that I have access to a lot of scrap lumber that I will use to frame the floor and bed.

I’m not going to make the back hatch door. Since I wont be trailering it anywhere and doing legitimate camping I don’t need a galley hatch. I think that will be extra bed space.

I won’t need electric. I’m not going to need lights or any electric. I will not have a Fantastic vent fan.

Instead I’m going to have ventilation that will always be open. I’ll make a mushroom style roof vent out of plywood and screen it in so no bugs can get it. Or maybe I’ll make some vents on the top of the walls.

I’ll make the door out of wood so I can save on prebuilt doors.

For the windows I will either make them myself or pull some out of a junkyard. I’m still not sure about the windows yet.

Cheap Teardrop Camper Style

Although Im building this as cheap as possible, that doesn’t mean It’s going to built cheaply. I still want it to be of good quality.

It will still have good aesthetics and look good. I won’t go the extra mile to make it look 100 % manufactured on a professional level. But it will be really cool looking.

Basically if someone sees it I want to make them jealous. Not in a bad way but I want it to have the quality that makes someone want to buy it off me. You know what I mean.

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